Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Celebrating Wyatt

Neglecting my blog is not the only neglecting I have been doing of late. The birthday parties which typically bring me loads of joy have been non existent or lack lustre in 2010 and I have been missing them. It doesn't change the sentiment of gratitude that surrounds the special days in February, March and June when the members of my brood came kicking and screaming into our home on Rusholme Road. As I get ready to stuff the loot bags and write the to dos on my list, I am taking a moment to remember what tomorrow's ad hoc celebration is really all about. Tomorrow is the anniversary of little Jack Wyatt Carmichael. All five years of him. All mischief and sensitivity, he has a singing voice that makes me want to cry and a curiosity that has him doing serious time on the naughty chair. I am so lucky to know him and luckier still to share a life with him. Happy Birthday Wy Wy. Here's how we did it last year when I was feeling that all things were possible. I look forward to feeling that way again.

June 24th 2009

Crazy as it sounds: Birthday parties for my children are a huge source of personal enjoyment. Firstly, I am celebrating the increasing distance between me and the anguish of labour and secondly, because the preparation is a great outlet for creativity with a distinct timeline-ie. I have to complete the project. If you're a regular reader then you know that we've been prepping. My son Wyatt turned 4 (and I was out of town on his actual birthday-okay I said it). But before I left, as we do every year, we threw a party in our backyard which marks his entry into our lives, the anniversary of my first date with his father and the beginning of cottage season. This party makes me happy. Photos courtesy of crazy talented Greg Pacek. To view more photos click here.

I made a banner for Wyatt's naming ceremony and we pull it out every year on his birthday. Here it is the backdrop for the work table.
This is one of the first iterations of the boats that we made and in the end was one of my favourites.
I think Steve lives to dress at events. He looks good everyday but I think he actually does story boards and sketches for his party statements. On this nautical afternoon, he doesn't disappoint.
The guests decorated boats.

The late afternoon light was a gift.
The in crowd.
Ramona's beautiful whimsy.
Post cake bliss.

The marina hid our fire pit.

If you were here, I love you. If you weren't here, we missed you.
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